27 March 2018

How to make a Cheeto

I love Cheetos, and I was curious, and I initially intended to just use the timeline to browse the content, but I wound up watching the entire sixteen minutes of this video.  What was most interesting to me was not "how to make a Cheeto," but rather how knowledgeable the chef was with regard to food science.  A professional chef is different from you and me the way a professional golfer is different from a weekend duffer. 

This is a totally impractical video.  It will never be worth anyone's time and expense to make Cheetos at home rather than buy them, but for me it was enjoyable watching someone at the top of her game display her skill set.

And if you enjoyed this video, the Bon Appetit channel has lots more.

Via Neatorama.


  1. you can add crushed cheetos to the scrambled eggs. or, layer some cheetos on the plate and then plop the eggs on top.

    or, add whole cheetos to a nice lettuce, tomato, celery, and onion salad.

    or, get a nice big bowl, and put in one layer of cheetos on the bottom, then ladle on some soup or stew.

    this also works well with doritos / nacho chips and with potato chips.


  2. how 'they' do it: https://www.wired.com/2010/05/process_cheetos/ Making Cheetos: It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy


  3. @anonymous how'd you come up with all those?

    Try this: Put doritos on a plate and add pepperjack cheese slices on top. Microwave until fairly melted. It's amazing. (Mama Goldberg's sandwich shop does this.)

    1. > how'd you come up with all those?

      :-) i like my junk food healthy. :-)


    2. Hahaha! Yes you do.


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