25 August 2015

Treasure found in waist-deep water close to shore

I am so jealous...
Bartlett and the 1715 Fleet Queens Jewels Salvage Crew counted more than 300 gold coins valued at four point five million dollars. The larger coins-- called Royals-- tell an important story of the past. Royals were specifically made for King Phillip V and are  incredibly rare.  There were only 20 or so known to exist in the world before the crew found these 9.
The photo is a screencap from the video at the link, which I've posted to show how close the treasure was to shore and that it was within walking distance of hotels further down the shore in Vero Beach.

In other news, a metal detectorist in Germany has found a hoard of Nazi-era gold valued at €45,000.

And... two men claim to have found one of the legendary Nazi treasure trains.   "...the train might hold up to 300 tons of gold... (but)...There are reasons to doubt the existence of this mythical gold filled Nazi train..."  And if it does exist, there is a high probability that it is protected with land mines.


  1. Ah, I had to go on Google Maps to find out where Vero Beach is.
    Didn't realise such fananagins happened in the old new world !


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