21 August 2015

This man is not committing suicide with a hair dryer

He's using a Nasal Ranger.  I didn't know there were such devices, discussed here, but it makes sense.

Photo credit Mark Peterson/Redux, via Politico.


  1. "If I was hosting a birthday party for 7-year-olds in my backyard and the neighbors' marijuana smoke was drifting over the fence, I would be concerned," he said. "The best way to prevent that is to communicate with your neighbor."
    ...Yeah, that's assuming your neighbor is cooperative or at all considerate. I once lived in an old townhouse with multiple units. Someone in the floor below me smoked pot and it wafted straight up the heat vent in my room that I needed to keep open in order to not freeze in the winter. Many a time my room would start reeking. I tried closing the vent and just wearing my coat inside, but it was an old vent and leaked. I left a polite note on the notice board asking them to smoke elsewhere (because I was meek and non-confrontational at the time) and they vandalized it. I called the rental company, just told them someone was smoking, not what (it was a no smoking property). They left a sign reminding of their policy and it was torn down. I should have just called the cops every time I smelled it.
    I'm glad they're sort of working on it, but it seems like they're trying to do as little as possible with attitudes like "I also wonder if people will get used to the smell and the dislike of it now may change over time." Uh...no.

  2. :-) that photo looks like it comes from some late 50s sci fi flick! :-)


  3. Nasal Ranger would be a great superhero name.

  4. Once again, Wernstrom has stolen one of my ideas!

    --Professor Farnsworth

  5. missed opportunity for 'makes scents'


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