16 August 2015

Spare me "stylish"

... if that style consists of a lacy petticoat-like peplum cropped above the crotch.

Today I learn that a peplum has a long and respectable history in women's fashion:
Overskirts may serve various purposes, ranging from protecting the underlying clothing from mud and dirt, to being purely a decorative feature.

Overskirts first came into fashion during the Victorian Era in 1867, after the pre-hoop and hoop periods of multiple petticoats and crinoline, and before the bustle period...  Early skirts were often looped up for walking, showing a pretty petticoat underneath, which led to the introduction of the overskirt.

The term "peplum" originates with the ancient Greek peplos, a women's garment that had the same decorative detail as an overskirt.
A Google Image search shows a variety of attractive peplums, but also yielded this example of "flirty femininity" -

I'll defer any further comments...

Top photo cropped for size (credit Instagram/natashazinko) from the original at a Telegraph gallery of stylish fashions.


  1. I think they're hideous, and always have. I don't think they're flattering to any figure type, and I don't understand why others do. I guess I have always been pretty immune to the dictates of fashion. And don't get me started on paying lots extra to wear someone's signature or logo.

  2. IMHO they make the two models in the pictures above look like they are pregnant, and are trying to hide it. Or maybe, it just makes them look FAT!

    1. Which is, of course, an outrage! How dare other people not conform to my beauty standards!


  3. These are not peplum tops. A peplum nips in at the narrowest part of the torso and flares out to create the illusion of a greater waist/hip ratio. These tops are closer to a "babydoll" in style. Either way, you can be "spared" from this particular aspect of fashion by not expecting women to cater their clothing to your tastes. "Those ladies have clothes on. Good for them. I am completely unaffected by their choices." Easy peasy.

    1. Thank you, anonymous person, for the clarification regarding the proper definition of a peplum; you learn something every day.

      Apparently I should clarify that the phrase "Spare me..." in the title of the post was a rhetorical device indicating my dislike for the content being presented. It was not a request to the readership for suggestions on how to avoid such annoyances. TYWKIWDBI is my personal blog, and I use it for a variety of purposes, primarily educational, but also as a venue to express my opinions on a variety of societal and social issues. Trigger warning: if you continue to visit TYWKIWDBI, you will remain at risk for encountering my personal biases.

  4. As a woman, I hate peplum. But I love Anonymous' comment even more....
    Freedom for everyone to wear what they want! Yay!


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