24 October 2013

The doorstop always wins

A compilation of puppies battling doorstops.  I also found it interesting that in two instances the doorstops were mounted on the doors rather than on the wall; I wonder if in some situations there is a practical or design advantage to that arrangement?

Via The Dish.


  1. The only advantages I can posit is that this is an easy method of moving the stop out of the path of a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners have a killer instinct when faced with door stops, particular those not sprung.

  2. It's added to threshold/portal (those that lead outside) doors instead of the wall because often times the door isn't hitting the wall, it's hitting something else in the way, this way it still won't damage whatever object it comes in contact with (usually a decorative piece or something functional like a coat rack).

    1. Interesting - and makes sense. You learn something every day. Tx, anon.

    2. Or, quite straighfrorwardly, that it hits another door. My front door is constructed like this, its doorstop preventing it from damaging the neighbouring apartment's door.

  3. It could also be that the walls are concrete (e.g. in a high rise) and it's easier to screw the stop into the door.

  4. Cats also have fun with these. Here's one example:


    You can also search YouTube for "cats and door stops".



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