30 September 2013

Vivienne Westwood catwalk models, Paris, 2014

I've been accused of being provincial or narrow-minded when I've made snarky comments about modern fashion in dress, so I'll just hush up and let these photos speak for themselves.

From a gallery with dozens of photos at The Telegraph.


  1. In the SCA, events sometimes have for-fun contests called "Garbage Garb" or something similar. Basically, a group provides scraps of fabric and random things and the contestants have to pull together something resembling something like medieval clothing. I feel like that first picture might be a loser from one of those contests...

  2. And it's endlessly fascinating how they can translate that "garbage" into what we see in the stores. I think they just trot out whatever crap they can get away with and then show the buyers the real designs later. I know the fashion shows used to be much more interesting, and the clothes more beautiful and well made. What can you expect when every would be "fashionista" demands cheap style like they saw on the latest pop star. (I'm looking at you Miley Cyrus and Brittney Spears.) It would be just as much fashion with what the SCA group does from above, maybe even more fashionable!

  3. Looking to Europeans for fashion is pretty silly at a time like this when they are so completely the toy-boy of the Americans and those who own their banks, though such material may have a strange fascination one day for historians. Nobody would expect the American century to be a high point in art or fashion, and after building a line of nuclear reactors all along the unstable Pacific rim their leadership is going to make everything associate with this peroid about as enduring and as fondly remembered in the long run as fashions from late 1930s in Berlin, Tokyo, or Nanking, fashion extras left from the Great Leap Forward. Americans are going to be remembered for torture and the herd-like acceptance of ludicrous accounts of significant recent events as excuses for war after war after war, a feeding frenzy for corporations. These outfits are a vivid testament to the shabbiness of the world from which they come.

  4. Oh wow. Fifteen years ago this was just a joke:


  5. Wow, Brady, way to veer billions of miles off topic! But as to fashion (and fashion shows in particular) . . . I don't get it. Never have, never will. The bizarre, cartoonish, hideous things that are paraded down fashion show runways seem like they HAVE to be some sort of performance art -- not that it is art being displayed, mind you, but in that the "designers" are perpetrating performance art on the world by showcasing how much stupidity their brainwashed sycophants in the fashion industry will not only swallow but rave about.


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