11 September 2013

Sling bullet from the 4th century BC

From the collections of the incomparable British Museum:
Lead sling bullet; almond shape; a winged thunderbolt on one side and on the other, in high relief, the inscription DEXAI "Catch!"

Shot of this type have been excavated from the Pnyx at Athens, associated with the Sullan siege of the city (TER).


  1. No lack of humor in the 4th century BC!

    Was it for a sling rather than a slingshot?

    1. I was typing too fast; you are quite correct. Title amended. Tx, Wayne.

  2. It is sling shot. Shot rather than stone for a sling.

  3. Interesting, there an illustration of a sling bullet interpreted as "Dexa" translated as "Take That!" in the book "Warfare in the Classical World" by John Warry et al. I wonder if it's the same bullet.


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