19 September 2013


The above image comes from a gallery posted in The Telegraph.  The photographs come from what must be a remarkable book "Before They Pass Away," documenting the faces and ethnic dress of members of small tribes around the world.

This photo was captioned "Others included the Chukchi and the Nenets (both Russia), the Drokpa (India/Pakistan), the Banna and the Karo (both Ethiopia)," but doesn't specify which group this lady belongs to.


  1. I did not mean to post twice. Must have been a glitch.
    Here is a nice picture of the same head covering seen from the back. Must be pretty heavy


    1. I can always clean up those kind of glitches (done). The stones in her headdress look like turquoise; if so, that would be a very fancy and valuable adornment.

  2. It is turquoise, which is prized by Tibetan peoples (to include those in Ladakh). I like the photo because of her Indian features contrasted with the Tibetan attire, showing the intermingling that took place in the Himalayas. Thanks for passing on the website.

  3. A similar photospread about Asia by a different photographer, Kares Le Roy: 56,000 km. Worth seeing.



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