16 September 2013

Nice view

A house in Hamnoy, Nordland, Norway.  Click pic for fullscreen awesomeness.

Found at imgur, via Reddit.


  1. It doesn't even look real.

  2. What do the inhabitants do for a living? Do they live there year round?

    If I were young again it would be a paradise for me...

  3. Just to throw a little chaos into the mixture, while I agree, it doesn't look real, it's what you don't see that is equally important. What do the inhabitants do for a living? I don't know (having only seen the photograph), but what if there was a highway, or even a town just off the left of the photograph. The same location from a different angle might look very much different. Who knows.

    1. DaBris, see the Reddit link for a discussion of the point you're making. The photo was probably taken from the highway shown in the Google Maps view, but the highway gets little traffic because of its location in rural northern Norway.


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