19 September 2013

How to roll up your sleeves

"A new uniform rule that takes effect Monday will require all Marines to wear their sleeves rolled down, all year long.

Beginning next week, leathernecks in Marine Pattern utilities will be required to cover their arms no matter the climate or place, according to Marine administrative message 621/11, signed Oct. 18."
More information at Marine Corps Times, via an article at Lew Rockwell.

Readers who are not in the Marines may wish to read the column at The Art of Manliness, which explains in detail when, why, and how to roll up your cuffs (including an instructional video).


  1. Back when everyone wore the old BDUs, the Army and Marines rolled their cuffs differently. Army personnel folded their sleeves such that that camouflage pattern (which was only printed on one side) always showed; it also meant that just a slight tug on the cuff fully covered the arm. The Marines on the other hand actually rolled their sleeves so that the camouflage pattern was hidden as seen in the picture above.

  2. I hate to see my husband walking around in this awful heat with long sleeves, but I do not miss the origami rigmarole of rolling sleeves to perfection every laundry day.


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