11 September 2013

Ethiopian opal

Apparently from the Wollo province of Ethiopia.
Opal from Ethiopia that hit the market in 1993 from deposits near Mezezo, Shewa Province, has a tendency to craze. But the Wollo Province deposit was hailed as one of the most promising deposits of precious opal for the coming years in the Summer 2010 issue of Gems & Gemology and the Summer 2011 issue of InColor. “Wollo opal should be recognized as a new type because it can absorb or lose water, affecting transparency and play-of-color when wet, but recovering all its qualities when dry,” report researchers. They describe this new Ethiopian opal find as different from the opals of Shewa Province. Laboratory testing of the Wollo opal revealed most specimens were resistant to crazing after repeatedly being immersed in water and dried out over a period of time. Not only are they stable, researchers say, they’re surprisingly tough. 
Nine views of the specimen in this imgur album.  Video of a beautiful cab here.  Via Reddit.


  1. I don't blog, but I have google bring me things I like. This entry showed up with a google search results returned for "opal". I happen to love opal and have cut and carved many including Ethiopian. That is a nice piece of "Contra Luz" type opal from Ethiopia. Basically you need the light from behind to bring out the fire. You'll find some of my carvings on my youtube page:

    (my favorite)

    nope, I'm not selling or monitized on that page, just sharing my love of opal.

  2. Is it just me or does the link that should go to the album refer to the reddit discussion about the 3D-Software instead?

    1. Perhaps you're hallucinating. Try again, David.

      :.) (fixed)


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