24 September 2013

Clever Halloween costumes

It's a bit early for Halloween-themed posts, but I wanted to break a series of rather serious topics.  When I'm giving out treats to the neighbor kids, I much prefer to see home-made outfits rather than plastic store-bought Spiderman or Power Ranger costumes.

The soda-bottles-with-crepe-paper-flames comes from Been There, Pinned That (via Neatorama); the wheelchair adaptation (which seems more appropriate for a parade than for door-to-door trick-or-treating and may not have originally been for Halloween) was at imgur, via Reddit.


  1. As an adult I used to love Halloween. But with all annual scares (razor blades, etc), and, at least in my neighborhood, surly teenagers coming to the door, I've kind of soured on the concept. Rather than going door-to-door, parents should organize parties for their kids for them to dress up at. BTW, I love the rocket jet-pack costume.

    1. I think that's exactly the point of Halloween: confront your fears, get outside "scaring" other people while being even more uncomfortable or scared yourself.

  2. A couple of Halloween stories..

    We never had any problems with bigger kids trying to steal the candy from smaller kids on the street. One of the reasons was that my older son as a teen would accompany the younger kids on their rounds -- there was an 8 year difference in their ages, so we'd have a 16 year old helping take the young kids around. The older boy was a competitive level fencer -- and would go out on Halloween night dressed in from head to toe in his fencing whites (great for traffic visibility!) carrying his saber to help the small kids in the neighbor hood collect candy. He'd also come back with his fencing mask full as well. But no one messed with his brother, or the neighbor's kids, with a nearly 6' tall young man carrying a sword standing behind them..

    We had a neighbor some years ago who was a WWII fighter pilot, who few P-38's (the twin tailed "Lightning" fighters built by Lockheed). He had crashed during the war in New Guinea, and still showed some of the burn scars some 60+ years later when we knew him as an elderly gentleman. One year, our son wanted to go as a P-38, so we made him up a costume out of a silver painted cardboard box as the aircraft body, 2 mailing painted tubes as the twin fuselages, and a tail made out of foamcore. It was worn using suspenders to hold the plane up. Our neighbor, the vet, loved it and remarked about it every time we saw him for several years afterwards.. Regrettably, the vet died a few years ago...


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