14 September 2013

"All expenses paid"

An achingly evocative video posted by Miss Cellania at Neatorama, where a commenter noted that the 792,000 thai bahts are equivalent to about 25,000 USD or 19,000 EUR or 16,000 GBP.

It's also a reminder that the financial problems contingent on life support and major medical catastrophes are not limited to the United States.


  1. This terrifies me.
    My wife spent over 2 months in NeuroTrauma ICU, 2 weeks in a step down unit, 2 weeks in Rehabilitation, and now is home but has nursing home care visits and outpatient dialysis 3 times a week.
    The bills will be hitting me soon and will be elevnity million dollars.

  2. The story itself is a rehash of a tired old urban legend about Dr. Howard Kelly of Johns Hopkins. The Thai version is a lot more cloyingly sweet, but it is effective.



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