22 October 2008

The Obama family wardrobe

Interviewed by "Access Hollywood" midcampaign in early July.
One of the topics discussed was the Obama's status as style icon, which amused his wife and daughters because, as Michelle points out in the interview, Barack is wearing pants he's had for 10 years, and states that his belt and shoes are pretty shabby, too ("I hate to shop," he explains). Michelle also reveals that the sundress she's wearing is from the Gap: "Fortunately they make pretty stuff at all price ranges... [Barack] will be happy to know that this is, like, a $30 dress." Her husband then high-fives her and daughter Sasha screams out "Mommy buys everything from Gap!"
In fairness to Sarah Palin, before the campaign and the notorious shopping spreee at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, she probably also shopped at the Gap - as evidenced by the photo below, taken back in June...

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