26 October 2008

Brooms banned for Halloween

And these are not even the infamous vibrating Harry Potter broomsticks. These are ordinary brooms. As noted at Arbroath:
Langham Pre-school near Colchester, Essex, announced it was barring brooms from its annual Pumpkin Party on Sunday after a child was hurt last year.

The fancy-dress party has been running at the village’s community centre for more than six years and is the nursery’s main fundraiser, attracting about 100 children and their families.

John Smith, committee chairman and a primary school headteacher, said: “It was not a whim, it was a considered decision. Last year, a child brought a full-size broomstick and another child got hurt."
They are also banning devil forks. Pretty soon, only criminals will have broomsticks and devil forks.

Image credit here.

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