03 December 2023

A reminder for Target shoppers

Today (December 3) is the last day to take advantage of Target's offer of a 10% discount on gift cards.  Using your Target red credit card, you can purchase gift cards for up to a total of $500 and snail-mail or e-mail those gift cards to friends and family.

Alternatively (or if you don't have friends and family) you can purchase up to a  $500 gift card and gift it to yourself.  I did this last night.  I charged my account $450 to purchase a $500 gift card, and emailed it to myself.  The email arrived a couple minutes later.  When it did, I added the $500 to my account.  Basically a free $50.

You're not cheating the company when you do this.  Target knows that customers gift themselves money.  It's basically a Christmas gift from the company to regular (Target-credit-card-holding) customers.

This post is basically my Christmas gift to regular TYWKIWDBI readers.

Today only.  

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the offer! As I never shop at Target, it would be wasted on me.


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