31 January 2023

The best "Black Mirror" episodes, IMHO

One of my activities during my blogcation was a viewing of all five seasons of Charlie Brooker's "Black Mirror" episodes.  Mr. Google can offer you numerous lists ranking the episodes; here are my favorite ones (three of which are included in the Season 4 trailer above):
"Hated in the Nation" stars the incomparable Kelly McDonald.  Clever plot - with a final twist or two.

"Crocodile" is unsettling and dark.

"White Bear" is a disturbing depiction of a dystopic future.

"Metalhead" is an extrapolation of standard sci-fi fare and frankly scary.

"U.S.S. Callister" presents Jesse Plemons portraying a sociopath.
I won't rank them all, but will mention that the interactive "Bandersnatch" was too cute by half and became tedious.  I will echo the common refrain that most of the episodes in the series are designed to be disturbing, offering alternative outcomes of present-day scientific and social trends.

Readers are invited to share their views in the Comments section.


  1. San Junipero first, then in no particular order: The National Anthem. Be Right Back. I didn't like watching Hated in the Nation, but the ending just kills, and it wouldn't so much if you hadn't been dragged through all that; also the music at the end. And Callister, which I didn't get beyond, so I can't judge the later ones.

  2. the creator of the show is Charlie Brooker

  3. Yep, San Junipero is the best story, maybe most hopeful of all the shows. Shut-up and Dance is a pretty intense ride. USS Callister was the first episode I saw, I thought it was a dark Star Trek show.


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