05 September 2022

Divertimento #193

Dill pickle pizza

Cleaning up an empty lot (personally, I love doing stuff like this)
Giving birth outside the entrance to the ER (snarky - but relevant - comments)
How to clean an air conditioner condenser coil (useful and well-done video)
Drugs hidden inside rocks
Preparing bamboo for mat weaving
Truck driver saves kitten on highway
"Remove the red dot" puzzle
This is said to be a hotel complex swimming pool
Transplanting rice into a field
Pashmima fiber demonstrated (with good discussion in the thread)
How to find hidden cameras
Battlebots championship
This is how much the Sears Tower sways on a windy day
10-year-old boy rescues his mom, who is having a seizure in a swimming pool
Daddy, what is "factory farming" of animals?

Lobster roll

I've never seen a red tegu before
Zoo Tiger catches a fish
Yound Australian girl disposes of a snake
Bear traverses wire to access a birdfeeder
Mother polar bear breaking ice for her cub
Orangutan teaching toolmaking to other primates (same video, better comments)
Elephants protect baby on road
Seagull eats rabbit - by swallowing it whole
Snail eating a carrot (time-lapse, fortunately)
Beans need to be snapped
Kallima Inachus, a "dry leaf" mimic butterfly
Rhino strolling through a neighborhood (surprisingly fast)
How a camel climbs a sand dune
Cuckoo chick removes other eggs from nest (amazing unlearned behavior)
A Gees golden langur (recommend fullscreen view of that face)
So you like to bury your toes into the sand...
In case you've never seen a sand viper burying itself in sprinkles
Why you shouldn't use scented shampoo before a nature hike

Birthday cake paleta

Nature and Science
Worm in a salmon filet.  Some relevant discussion in the thread.
Yet another video of a Prince Rupert's drop.
Immense Lake Superior agate
I bet it's a cast iron chair
Dust devil at a music festival captures unstaked tents
Cempedak (a type of breadfruit)
Ivy being removed from a building (relevant comments in the thread)

Cheese curd tacos

Impressive or clever
Bicycle has two half-wheels on back
You don't want to wait for this train at a RR crossing.
Diver encounters a submarine
Creating art by pulling a chain
Crusher crushes
Aztec death whistle (demonstrated here) (how to make one)
Tidal bore coming
How to make a pony tail
Jian bing (a Chinese breakfast dish)
Halloween zombie costume
Automobile body being treated with corrosion protection
Water jet cuts things
Baggage being loaded on an airplane

Caramel latte ice cream sandwich

Sports and athleticism
75-shot badminton rally
Traditional Greek dance performance is NSFW (because penises)
Minnesota Twins achieve MLB's first ever 8-5 triple play
High jump competition
Touch the flag at the end of a greased pole
Dog gets toy out of tree

Waffles on a stick

Fails and wtf
Creepy cause of noise in the kitchen
CCTV footage of the "assault" on Rudy Giuliani
Speaker at Trump rally thanks him for Supreme Court "victory for white life"
Another example of a hidden card skimmer
American family does fireworks the wrong way.  (unmute if necessary)
I would never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, walk on this hiking path
Racing car goes airborne
Wind turbine on fire
Wake from a flood rescue vehicle damages buildings
Plastic pollution in harbor at Durban, South Africa
Motorcycle tricks (stupid af)
Queens Bath swimming spot in Kauai, where 27 people have died
The beaches of West Africa are drowning in plastic
Young man between the rails under a moving train... wants to jump out

"Poultrygeist" on Texas toast

Humorous or cheerful
Sugar glider gifs automatically go in the "cheerful" category
Helping a lost child find her parent
Retrieving a home run ball
How to make paintings smile
Street cones dancing during a rainstorm
Young girl introduces her first boyfriend to her mother (cheerful, and the currently top comment by CornishShaman cracked me up)

And finally, lemonade in a pouch - designed for convenience to carry and sip intermittently.  But to my eye it looks like a Foley catheter bag from a patient with hematuria...

All of the embedded images today were selected from a gallery of 78 new foods at the Minnesota State Fair, which ended on Labor Day (today) 


  1. There is at least one youtuber who cleans up people's overgrown yards and sidewalks his "good deed". Amazing to see how much gets overgrown!

    1. I think this genre of videos is mesmerizing, but it also makes me sad for the mini-habitat that gets destroyed. I'm reminded of the "Bee Yard" signs that were featured here recently.

  2. A superior method of fitted sheet folding:


    1. I think that's worth a separate listing, some day to lighten up the mood when I'm doomscrolling. Thanx.

  3. - This process of making Lokma

    Here in Slovenia these are called Ligma, and are delicious.

  4. The spoon itself is made of gallium which melts around 85°F.

    A really fun pop-chemistry book is named after it: The Disappearing Spoon


    1. Wow - I totally misunderstood the original source. Amended. Thanks, JB.

  5. I think the spider web should be...

  6. The "How microplastics enter the environment" link actually points to cleaning a dryer vent after 21 years.

    1. Exactly. If you scroll down the comment thread you will see that the person in the video is properly chastised for making such a mess of the process and not properly disposing of the waste

  7. I really enjoy these segments. Thank you.


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