25 February 2022

Minnesota family is the "tallest in the world"

According to Guiness, as reported by the Pine Knot News:
Adam Trapp 7-foot, 3.7 inches; Savanna 6-foot, 8.5 inches; dad Scott Trapp 6-foot, 8.2 inches; Molly (Trapp) Steede 6-foot, 5.8 inches and mom Krissy 6-foot, 3.5 inches...

When asked, Savanna said she considers their height a blessing - it led to college scholarships for all three kids and other opportunities. At the same time, it was also a blessing being surrounded by family who could all understand.

"Then you weren't the only tall person facing the unique struggles," she said. "Finding clothes that fit, hitting your head on doorways and ceiling fans, walking sideways up and down stairs that are too narrow for our big feet. Even driving cars can be difficult. Having that family support was huge, so you didn't feel like a misfit."..

All three also ended their athletic careers in college, for a mixture of reasons.

Both Molly and Savanna have graduated already - Savanna's in social work, Molly is a second-grade teacher - and Adam will graduate in May with a degree in biomedical engineering.

Savanna chuckled. "His degree has nothing to do with his height, but it's his height that got him the opportunity to go to the school he wanted," she said.
An excellent attitude, but we should note that the Guiness award recognizes only applicants that apply; there may be taller families in Africa or elsewhere.

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