05 November 2018

Divertimento #156

Yet another gif-fest (plus some short videos that seem better linked here rather than in separate posts)

Lollipop holder (an example of things you didn't realize you need)

North Carolina road after the hurricane.

Powerwashing a tile roof

Powerwashing a wooden deck chair (instructive comments in the thread)

Powerwashing is so satisfying to watch (and do, speaking personally)

Keeping snails away from your tomato plants.

Kinetic bistable optical illusion.

Another optical illusion.  The dots do not change color.

This is called a "donut roller cutter."

Magnetic putty eats a metal ball.

Man who saves homeless cows.

"So, a horse walks into a bar..."

Not sure how to describe this.  It may be preparation for a traditional dance.

15,000 dominos fall.

Yin-yang soup.

Two men steal a French Mastiff puppy from someone's yard.  The puppy was returned

Augmented reality mask for firefighters.

Home-made pole-climbing shoes.

The proper way to put out a kitchen fire.

A 50+ year graph of world GDP growth.


Two pythons fighting in a home in Australia.  This video has intelligent commentary.

When a cat hiccups, its pupils dilate, reflecting parasympathetic activity.

Video filmed by camera on the back of a soaring raptor.

Rhinoceros with an awesome horn.

Baby sloth.

Squid changing color.

How a cheetah uses its massive tail for balance during a chase.

Why they are sometimes referred to as "trash pandas."

Twenty oysters filter water in a tank in a 5-hour timelapse.


Awesome throw in Ultimate Frisbee.

Excitement at a high-school football game.

Nike honors an unconventional athlete.

Cross-country runners descend a muddy hill.


Firenado pulls a firehose

Vintage razor blade sharpener.  I didn't even know such things existed.

Professional hedge trimmer at work

Try to guess what's chasing this boat before it surfaces.

Police dog at fullspeed.

Man jumps over eight chairs.

Industrial-scale frog farm.

Avalanche coming.

Soil liquefaction during the Indonesian earthquake.  Also here.

SpaceX launch.  I think that's the equivalent of noctilucent clouds.

Use a glove to put primer on a fence.

New LED bulbs resemble flames.

Removing moss from a sidewalk.


A man pushes his stalled car.

How not to slice a watermelon.


Lady in restaurant gets a surprise birthday cake

Girl throws a ball for her cow.

Be careful as you go through the door.

Man finds his dog that has been lost for three years.

Dog gets new wheels.


If your friends say you HAVE to sing in a karoke bar, you could always choose this song.

An accurate portrayal of life as a parent of small children.

The Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes go for a drive.

Embedded photos are selections from a gallery of 30 images in The Atlantic's A Photo Trip to Croatia.  Identifying information and photo credits at the link.


  1. powerwashing - once it is clean, ho do you keep it clean? it does seems like a really big waste of water.


  2. my mom would make donuts for the big holidays, using a glass to cut them out. the leftover strips between the round cutouts would also be fried and we could eat those right away, leaving the donuts for the holiday. those cutouts were more fun to eat than the real donuts.


  3. razor blade sharpener - i have a stone one (somewhere). the stone is vee-shaped and you press the razor into the vee and swirl to sharpen. see this ebay image for an example https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/ag4AAOSwiYFXHGPp/s-l1600.jpg



  4. Croatia

    A few years ago I was invited on a sailing trip down the Croation coast. We docked at different ports on the mainland and at islands in the Adriatic.
    One of those islands was really small. I left my friends drinking on the boat and took the only road I could see leaving the little harbour. After a couple of minutes I could see my way with just the starlight. The light from the windows from the few houses I could see flickered like it was candles or maybe gas.
    Anyway, it was so quiet, I could really hear my own heartbeat. Then from some house about 50m off the track I heard a mans voice followed by a by a woman saying something obviously funny. Then there was this incredible laugh of an old woman. I imagined her holding her hand over her mouth to not show she is enjoying a funny but dirty joke.

    That sound and the beautiful starlit path I was on, well that just hit a nerve. When I get of the treadmill and retire, then this is the place.

    I never met friendlier people. I hope I can learn the language quickly enough and settle in.


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