10 May 2018


I have blogged in the past my dissatisfaction with the pomp and majesty of an increasingly "imperial" presidency.  This PBS video goes one step further to suggest rethinking the very existence of the office.


  1. This is horrifyingly horrific horror video.

  2. Note to self: use "a" more frequently.

  3. So let's take that to its end...you must therefore believe in state's (and local) rights vs. federalism. Why now you've finally become a conservative Republican without wanting a Presidency dictator who uses Executive action as law (notice how nothing is left of Obama's legacy due to his Executive actions being undone)... Congratulations for being able to see the light!

    1. The Republican party elected a president that has issued more executive orders in his first year in office than any previous five presidents did their entire terms.

  4. Obama would probably not have used as many executive orders, if the house and senate not tried to block every single piece of policy he tried to get implemented.

  5. The video has an annoyingly high number of quick jump cuts. I found it difficult to watch.


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