27 May 2018

Growth industry

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  1. Two factors need to be looked at:

    1) 209.9 million (1972)..318.6 million (2014)..Growth 108.7 million

    2) DNA science & Law enforcement methods have been vastly improved.

    1. Ummmm... You forgot #3:




    2. Let's look at your first factor: 50% increase in population from 1972 to 2014 should result in a 50% increase in prison population, which would bring the number incarcerated to... 450,000. Now you explain the other 1.85 million.

  2. The War on Drugs at its finest.

  3. One way of thinking about this is to consider how a society responds to or adapts to an increasing wealth and income gap. That is, how do we "manage" growing numbers of poor people as the bell curve widens? Imagine if this 2 million were dumped into the arena (crucible) with those now seeking housing in a country with an affordable housing crisis.

    Probably over 90% of prisoners are drawn from the bottom socioeconomic quintile. We think of this as a problem, but in a cynical sense it's a solution. And, there are many in my state (CA) anxious to incarcerate more of the homeless.

    As long as the wealth gap is allowed to grow, all kinds of social problems and draconian/authoritarian solutions will proliferate. None of this is all that mysterious. Many saw it coming.

    Thanks for posting. It's a deep justice issue.


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