17 May 2018

The first-ever performance of "Purple Rain" - 35 years ago

Feel old yet?  Filmed at the First Avenue club in Minneapolis in 1983


  1. I had the good fortune of being at that concert. I didn't realize the historical significance of the performance. It is a great memory of living in Minneapolis in the 1980's. Thanks

    1. Wow. Congratulations. I hope the video will keep the memory fresh for you for a few more decades.

  2. Thank you for finding and posting this gem! Prince was not only a spectacular performer, he was a musical genius, on par with the classical music geniuses such as Mozart and Bach, if you ever hear professional musicians (those that study music and know it in theory, not just performers) talk about Prince, they all agree on his magnificent talent and uncommon musical ability for someone who never received formal musical training. It is too bad he left us so soon, far too early. Thank you for posting!


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