13 July 2024


When I was on sabbatical in London many, many years ago, Mastermind was my favorite program to watch on the telly in my rented room in Turnham Green.

The original quizmaster was Magnus Magnusson (quizzing a contestant on Sherlock Holmes here)

Originally posted by some guy over at NeatoramaReposted from 2017.


  1. Living on the East Side of Providence, it is nice to see a hometown boy so well known.

  2. Magnus Magnusson was also an accomplished translator, translating five of Nobel-winning novelist Halldór Laxness’ works.

  3. The contestant (Laura Campbell) says something like '...it is cathartic to read Lovecraft, because when you close the book, you know it is not real...'. Having walked the streets of College Hill in both day and night, I can say that Lovecraft's world is very much real and exists to this day, hidden as it may seem.


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