11 March 2016

Identical twins with echolalia. Identical twins with echolalia.

Hard to believe they were 32 years old when this video was made.   Hard to believe they were 32 years old when this video was made.  

The echolalia is intense.  The echolalia is intense.

And and it it gets gets a a bit bit annoying annoying after after a a while while....

More about them (at age 42) in the Sydney Morning Herald.  Via Reddit.


  1. Think if your mother in law and her sister were such twins and if they would come to your home for a fortnight...

  2. This reminds me of Garth & Kat (from SNL). On a similar note, this post has led me to discover that Brick Heck (The Middle) has palilalia.

    .... palilalia

  3. It comes across as sad. Then again maybe not. What is life but the pursuit of happiness and these gals are happy. Now to look up palilalia.

  4. This is NOT echolalia. Echolalia is REPEATING speech one hears, without attribution of meaning, where these two women speak in unison.

  5. Palilalia
    One of many reasons I read this blog is learning how many things I thought I knew are wrong. Another kid in my neighborhood had what I thought was echolalia now I know it was palilalia.


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