17 January 2016

"World's smallest camera drone"

It does carry a 2GB memory card to record video, and is equipped with LED lights.  The flying range is not specified.

What I find most remarkable is that is offered for sale for $35.


  1. the specs say 'R/C distance: about 98 ft'.


  2. That would be remarkably useful. I'd start with inspecting the roof and go from there.

  3. This little guy likely isn't as sneaky as he appears. There is this annoying property of fans / propellers / rotors that requires that the smaller they are the faster they need to spin to push an equivalent amount of air. This isn't easily overcome by a reduction in weight because the area of a propeller (and thus the volume of air it can move) is proportional to the radius squared, but reductions in weight are usually only linear.

    In short, I bet this thing buzzes like a swarm of cicadas strapped to your head.


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