27 January 2016

Another movie theater shooting

With a twist -
Police say the man suspected of accidentally shooting a stranger at a Renton movie theater told them he carried a firearm because he feared mass shootings.

Dane Gallion, 29, told officers he took the gun to Regal Cinemas 14 at the Landing on Thursday night because he was “concerned about recent mass shootings in public places,” according to a police account in a probable-cause statement released Saturday.

That same anxiety prompted him to keep the gun unholstered in his waistband, the statement says...

Police said Gallion told them he had taken medicine for anxiety in the morning and that he’d had a pizza and a 22-ounce beer before the movie.
I'm going to close comments for this post because I know what they will be. 

I'm waiting to see whether he and his family will pay for the medical expenses of the woman he shot and whether he will be punished with anything other than a severe reprimand and a requirement to attend gun-safety classes.
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