09 March 2013

Pianists at play

The video above shows eight pianists sharing just two pianos; seven of them are previous winners of the Dublin International Piano Competition.

The one below has twelve pianists playing just one piano.
This performance has hold the world record for the most pianists performing simultaneously on one piano."


  1. Those were lovely, thank you for sharing. There was a lot of joy here that I don't normally associate with concert pianists - perhaps this is more "play" than they normally get?

  2. These were great fun to watch. Here is another example of a modern piece with some different techniques used:

  3. This was great!! Thanks for posting.

  4. i'm all about breaking the mold in terms of new types of compositions and composing things that call for more/other than a single person playing the piano. and it was entertaining to watch both of these videos and the one posted above.

    if i may be so bold as to nitpick...

    in the second video posted above, with 12 pianists on 1 piano...that's 120 fingers. more than there are keys. it seems that anything more than 9 pianists would just be indulgence. i mean, couldn't you just take some other composition that uses a bunch of keys and throw 12 people on there with 1 hand apiece?

  5. Not as many hands but still very impressive:

  6. If this comment thread is going to become a linkfest, I should include these old posts:

    a piano duet:

    the world's most sinister piano concerto:

    and a comic rendition of a famous Rachmaninoff piece:

  7. I'm reminded of a Satie duet I've played - I think from "En Habit de Cheval" - where playing it on one piano isn't difficult, but intentionally requires the performers to go over, back and forth, and around each other more so than it looks like they're doing in the first video (that may be the fault of my screen, though). Anyway, it's fun to play if you like the person you're playing it with.


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