18 September 2012

Creative dog grooming

Meet Duchess, one of many dogs included in the annual Pet Stylist Super Show in Knoxville, Tenn. The highlight of the event is the Creative Grooming competition, where owners use nontoxic dyes to "design" their pets. Duchess will be transformed into a member of the Queens Court from "Alice in Wonderland."
Sami Stanley works on her standard poodle, which has a dragon sculptured on one side and a jumping gold fish on the other. She calls it a Zen poodle.

When i create posts about dog grooming (Aug 2009, Oct 2011), I have to restrain myself from offering disparaging comments.  I am reminded by a variety of readers that these people love their dogs, and the dogs love the attention.

So I'll just post the pix and let the res loquitur for ipse.

There are additional examples of artistically enhanced dogs in a photoessay at ABC News.  Both of the above photos credit Meredith Frost/ABC News, via the always interesting Rue The Day.


  1. As an owner of a standard poodle, these types of shows unfortunately give people the wrong impression about the breed. My husband, a severe dog allergy sufferer, was horrified to hear I had put a deposit on our dog as a puppy. He didn't want a dog with a stupid haircut.

    So let me just say that people who dye and cut their poodles into strange cuts and colors are in the minority. Poodles tend to be very intelligent dogs that are tolerant of being groomed for hours, so they are unharmed by this hobby.

    Most poodle owners love keeping their dogs in low maintenance cuts and enjoy the breed's high energy and ease of trainability.

  2. The chemicals in the dyes should ensure huge vet's bills sooner or later.

  3. I love it when adults do silly, fun things just for the sake of doing them. I was just at a large state fair today, this kind of a competition would fit right in with the other not-so-serious events.

    I hope that the judging criteria includes a visibly relaxed and happy dog - not because I'm terribly concerned that the dogs are being mistreated, but because it's always good for us humans to explicitly take the dog's opinion into account.

  4. wow, these are some crazy nice grooming job!! i groom my own dogs and i have my own dog grooming site thebestdogclippers.com, but i dont think im ever going to be ever to do this. is it safe to dye their hair?

  5. My brain hurts from trying to understand this...

  6. Here's the deal...it is fun. I have been grooming since 2000. The dye I use is ammonia free and deemed safe by 3 different vets. My primary concern is for the saftey of my pets, and I have multiple poodles...one just hates the entire grooming process and gets a simple short sporting clip, however, 2 of my poodles seem to really enjoy their time on the grooming table and do not even like to get down off of it (as in when they re removed from the table they try to get back up) I went to school for art and I enjoy sculpting. This is not only time well spent bonding with my pets, I also have fun doing something creative and "outside the box". They are not harmed. people love it and they reap the rewards of their odd colored hair and designs by being less threatening to children in theor appearence. they brings smiles to peoples faces. they are dogs that work within the realms of dog psychology in their heads, not human psychology. A dog lives "in the moment" and when their moment is one of bonding or joy, what is the harm?
    Sami Stanley


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