11 June 2012

Basket-woven hair

I'm not sure if I'm using the proper term.  A quick search revealed modern examples here, here, and here, with results looking like this -

- which I personally don't find particularly attractive (but they may be catwalk-type creations not intended for real life).  The modern ones also incorporate extensions:
Palau divided models’ hair into three sections before adding extensions over and under natural strands for a woven effect, ending each panel in a skinny braid. Back panels were folded flat against the head and pinned in place before the entire head was sprayed with Redken’s Forceful 23 hair spray. Sixty bottles of hairspray were used to hold everything in place!
By contrast, the embedded image at top (via Alabaster) dates from 1933 looks like it probably was created using the woman's own hair.


  1. But what about Yeoman Rand on Star Trek? As a kid I always thought her woven hair was beautiful.


  2. The first time I ever saw a photo of this type of hairstyle was for a fashion spread, and the end result was the hair woven into a very impressively brimmed hat

  3. Yeoman Rand's basket-weave was actually pretty tasteful.

  4. If the best your hair can aspire to be is a basket.... go ahead and buy a hat.


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