19 June 2012

Awkward costume

She is apparently supposed to be... (ponder for a moment; answer below the fold).  Safe for work, btw - just odd.

A unicorn!

Found at Awkward Famiily Photos.


  1. Was it here, or was it somewhere else I read that - 'a unicorn is just a horse which comes to a point' ?

    1. Not here. I've seen it attributed to Terry Pratchett's 'The Wee Free Men.'

  2. Well, I never would have thought of using a large, partially used candle for a horn. I mean, a cone of paper would probably work better, but points for originality I guess.

    (Yes, yes, I know. I'm trying to block it out.)

  3. I hope this was posted by, or with the happy agreement of, a now-grown unicorn who looks back with a laugh. If it's a recent picture, it shouldn't have been posted at that site (which looks like it's mostly older photos, but not all). Kids are usually deeply invested in their home-made costumes, and I'd hate to see someone held up to public ridicule when they should be proud of the effort and creativity.

  4. embeetee: Well, learning your creativity doesn't always succeed when executed poorly is a valuable lesson. I think you owe it to the kid to point out that they have a dildo on their head.


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