28 December 2007

Harper's Index #2

Number of people in New York City who jump subway turnstiles, per minute: 105
Amount a cousin of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd lost at casinos on the French Riviera: $21,640,000
Number of U.S. states that dispose of hazardous waste in another state: 50
Maximum running speed of a wild turkey, in miles per hour: 25
Percentage of hunting injuries in Georgia that are the result of hunters falling out of trees: 36
Ratio of Coast Guard employees disciplined for drug violations to drug smugglers caught by the Coast Guard: 1:3
Chances that a CIA officer stationed in Mexico City can speak Spanish: 1 in 5
Number of years since the balanced-budget bill became law in 1985 that its deficit-reduction targets have been met: 0
Number of months after the Pentagon bought 80,000 camouflage helmet-covers that it found 80,000 in storage: 3
Number of the 11 magazine articles about lottery winners published in 1989 that ran in Jet magazine: 11
Rank of Washington, D.C., among U.S. cities with the highest rate of tax delinquency: 1
Portion of the 115 armed conflicts worldwide that are civil wars: 9/10
Amount Americans spend each year on birdseed: $1,100,000,000
Number of curbside frog ramps in the streets of Stevens Point, Wisconsin: 4
Total number of the US government's 3 million employees who were fired last year for poor performance: 290
Amount the Republican Party was fined for illegally giving $2,700,000 to Senate candidates in 1986: $24,000
Estimated amount of time that Michael Jordan has spent aloft while playing in NBA games, in hours: 3
Number of the 6 best-selling extracurricular books in college bookstores that are collections of cartoons: 4
Number of people killed by stray bullets in New York City in 1989: 39
Number of the ten largest environmental magazines that were printed on recycled paper as of 1990: 3
Pages of guidelines the NYC Transit Authority sent to a Boy Scout who wanted to clean a subway station: 6
Fine for parking a pickup truck in one's own driveway in Flossmoor, Illinois: $10
Percentage of Southern Calif. drivers who say they have made "indecent gestures" at other drivers: 38
Portion of all deaths worldwide in 1989 that are children under age 5 in developing countries: 1/3
Chances that a U.S. obstetrician has been sued at least once: 7 in 10
Percentage of American parents who say they yell at their children every day: 19
Percentage increase in the protrusion of a woman's buttocks when she wears high heels: 25
Number of pigs an American eats in a lifetime: 28
Number of times WXTB, a Florida radio station, played "Stairway to Heaven" consecutively on Dec 31, 1989: 181

Percentage of men living in Bangladesh who live past the age of 65: 55
Percentage of men living in Harlem who do: 40

Rank of Washington, D.C., high school students, among students with the lowest mathematics scores nationwide: 1
Rank of Washington, D.C., high school students, among those most likely to say they are "good in math" : 1

Weeks it took the poultry industry to produce a full-grown chicken in 1940: 12
Average number of weeks it takes today: 6

Chances that a chicken sold in a supermarket is infected with salmonella: 1 in 3
Children admitted to hospital ERs last year for injuries involving shopping carts: 32,866
Number of the 100 buttock implants performed in the United States last year that were done in California: 92
Weight of the ovarian cyst removed from a West Virginia woman, in pounds: 180
Number of unsolicited phone calls made by U.S. telemarketers each second: 200
Chances that a worker anywhere in the world is employed by the travel and tourism industry: 1 in 15
Estimated number of grains of sand in one acre of beach: 2,000,000,000,000,000

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