07 September 2018

Can you find the goats ?

Original content from the DataIsBeautiful subreddit, where it is explained that the blankness of Norway reflects inadequate data, some arguments are raised regarding reindeer in northern Scandinavia, and the goats are noted to be on the Greek archipelago.


  1. Well, there you go, I thought it was some sort joke and if I clicked on the map I would get a larger coverage and then I would find the goats in Iran or Iraq.
    My bad, as the young people used to say, but also my Daltonism distracts me from the obvious (while also lowering my score on I.Q. tests).

  2. I am bothered that data from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, and Russian occupied Crimea are not included, but Turkey is. Maybe they have no data on those, but maybe they do?

    p.s. I know that is not your map, but I still bothered.

    1. The original lists the data sources (hyperlinked at the subreddit)

      Source: Eurostat (dataset 1, dataset 2)

    2. Got it - the data from the EU, of which those countries I mentioned are not, as of yet.

      Thank you, Mr. M.!


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