14 September 2018

Bridezilla is angry...

The social media entry embedded above will serve as an appropriate introduction for anyone not familiar with the portmanteau term "bridezilla."  And don't get her started on the registry...


  1. While I'm sure people like this exist, I've never met one in person. From my experience, Bridezilla is a term that is used more often to shame women who show any dismay that the same table that costs $40 to rent for a party costs $140 to rent for a wedding, or who patently refuse to pay $5,000 for a dress.

  2. My rather sensible daughter crunched the numbers, and figured it would be cheaper to have two weddings than to fly the family overseas. And neither wedding will cost all that much anyway.

    Bridezillas are born when a woman thinks that her wedding day must be perfect, even if it means losing friends, disappointing family, and ignoring the importance of the marriage.


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