12 September 2018

Best detailed analysis of Hurricane Florence

In 2017 I featured a video by this guy (private individual, not a Weather Channel or NOAA employee) because his daily video updates were detailed but concise (I have no tolerance for television reports that show endless loops and reporters that lean into the wind). 

Embedded above is last night's analysis of Florence.  At about the 5:00 mark he explains the elements that are affecting the direction of the eye's movement.

His homepage is here.  Daily updates are posted about 6 p.m.

I also recommend this hurricane tracker (the top entry always a stickie).  Please feel free to share other recommendations in the Comments.

1 comment:

  1. Living in south Florida, we have a plethora of weather coverage all hurricane season. If I want just the facts, I go to the National Hurricane Center web page. It's always bookmarked as a favorite.


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