27 May 2018

Where to live in this alternate world?

I may have posted this before, but I'm too busy to look for it, and I love maps, so I'll risk the repost.

The map has been generated by reversing land and water and elevations.  The ocean trenches become mountain chains.  The verdant/desert attributions are presumably extrapolated from current terrestrial patterns.

So... where would I want to live in this reversed world?  That Mediterranean Peninsula would probably get hammered by wicked tropical weather.  I think maybe near the shores of Lake Madagascar, with the mountains on one side and the African Sea on the other.

Addendum:  Oops - this is a repost from six years ago.



  1. I like those Michigan Islands...

  2. so the deepest place is the former mount everest?


  3. I'd like to try one of the African or Eurasian islands.
    However I wouldn't want to try scaling Mount Mariana.
    Something I read some time ago that's stuck with me is that if you cut Everest off at its base and dropped it into the Mariana Trench its peak would be a mile underwater.


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