04 May 2018

The red line is a straight line

And not just any straight line.  It is the longest straight line on the surface of the earth that traverses water without touching land (approximately 20,000 miles).

Here's a video demonstration:


  1. It occurs to me that it is also a strait line, passing through a couple of tight squeezes.

  2. I wonder if others see that red line as vibrantly as I do.
    I 'suffer' from colour blindness, although, really, as far as I am concerned, I see things normally (?)
    But I have always enjoyed the bounce between that certain shade of red and a blue background, as if the red is magnetically opposed to the blue and vibrates to stay just that little bit away from it.
    After all these years, albeit the times that I come across this red/blue vibrancy are not frequent, I have never heard anyone else comment on this 'clash'.

    1. This article about web design discusses pairs of colors that "vibrate"


  3. Oh..... So is this why the ISS follows the orbit that it does, which makes it appear to move up and down over the globe, but is also moving in a straight line?


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