08 May 2018

The first use of "O.M.G." was in 1917

Credit to Anorak at Flashbak for finding a letter from Lord Fisher to Winston Churchill, written in 1917.

Via Smithsonian.  Image cropped for size and contrast-enhanced from the original.


  1. This is a bit of a play on the names of honors like O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire), O.G. (...of the Garter), O.E.S.S.H. (nevermind), etc.

  2. Jacky Fisher (that's Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Arbuthnot Fisher to you) was one of the most fascinating lesser-known characters in British history. I think he used this acronym at an even earlier date. Fisher and Churchill came up with the idea of converting Britain's navy from coal to oil ca. 1911. In essential combination with moves to monopolize the supply of oil so that the Germans could not do the same, they thought this would give them a cricual advantage in the war that was then still three years off. This in turn set up the whole cycle of events connected with the exploitation of Middle Eastern oil during the ensuing century.

    1. Interesting. That series of events would include the covert overthrow of Iran's Mosaddegh, the empowerment of the Shah and his SAVAK, the rise of the Islamic right, the exploitation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and and and... Quite a remarkable addition to their C.V.s


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