13 May 2018

Divertimento #152

Everybody loves a gif-fest, so here are about fifty of them.  Have a go...

Induction heating demonstrated: "By placing a conductive material into a strong alternating magnetic field, electric current is made to flow in the material, thereby causing Joule heating.

Hand-processing cashew nuts.

This can be done with any paper currency featuring a human face.

Why railroad train wheels are shaped the way they are.

A man at the park with his best friend.

How a bank teller can steal money from a sealed bundle.

Ice sliding down a light post.

Girl makes the most of her prosthetic eye (with a nerf missile).

Share this gif with any amputees you know.

MRI shows the complexity of human speech.

Getting out of a Lamborghini.

Older man dances with two little girls.

Scotsman harvesting peat.

Prom surprise (cheerful)

Using gasoline to start a fire.

Truck vs. bridge 

Alcohol was involved.

Fan at concert shows his support for the band.

Fan tries to invade the soccer field.

South African criminals choose wrong person to try to rob.

"Fresh squeezed lemonade" isn't.

Gas station misadventure

Sisyphus at the skate park.

Ice hockey player scores a shorthanded, unassisted, behind-the-legs goal to clinch the division on the last home game of the year against the only team that could catch them.

Basketball player passes to self, then alley-oops to self for dunk.

Bodyboarder meets wave.

Ballerina stretches during her warmup.

"Soccer in a nutshell"

Dog at a highway crosswalk.

Encounter with an urban fox.

Stick insects can fly.

Doorbell cam documents a snake on the door (click fullscreen icon).

An albino rhombic egg-eater eats an egg. (I had to look it up; that's what it's called)

Baby elephant is very friendly.

Cows are happy.

This is a trilobite beetle (unrelated except in shape).

Seal demonstrates extraordinary fishing skill.

Dog loves to play Frisbee.

“All animals except man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.” (Samuel Butler)

Otters in Singapore.

Aquarium fish can be trained.

Awesome crocodile leap.

Scorpion sheds its exoskeleton.

Kennedy Space Center has an emergency fire extinguisher acoustic energy absorber (I think "dampener" would be the operative word here...

This is a Japanese "sunrise" dovetail joint.

Rolled up tatami mats are used to approximate the resistance provided by a human body.

Rather large swimming pool (China)

Boston Dynamics' new "running robot"

Maybe my cell phone will work as a neuralyzerNope.

Old Benny Hill skit

Baby likes balloons

"The difference between girls and boys"

Embedded photos from a gallery of animal camouflage at National Geographic; captions and credits at the link.


  1. Outstanding! What fun! Thank you.

  2. Thank you for another great 'dump'! That Japanese dovetail is a work of art all by itself!

  3. Lots of fun as always.

    I did look up the "emergency fire extinguisher", and it's apparently not that. It's a regular part of all launches to dampen the acoustic energy that could otherwise damage the launcher. The vaporizing of the water absorbs much of the energy.


  4. Thank you. Sent the page to my brother.

  5. FYI, in that one with the swordsman, it's not bamboo he's cutting, but rolled up tatami mats that have been soaked in water. My husband practices a similar art.

  6. cashews - in the same family as poison ivy:

    https://indianapublicmedia.org/amomentofscience/why-cashews-arent-sold-in-the-shell/ Why Cashews Aren’t Sold In The Shell


    1. Well, that explains the guy's hands. You learn something every day. Tx.


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