17 May 2018

Campaign bus for a Georgia politician

This man is running for Governor, as a candidate of presumably the Xenophobic Party.


  1. There is no fear or hatred towards foreigners (xenophobia). There is hatred towards illegality. Liberals, like yourself, seem not to understand or want to understand that there is a legal process to enter the USA, Canada, Australia, etc. To not believe in open borders is not xenophobia but instead to believe in the laws of our nation. If you don't like the laws, change the laws. You don't advocate the breaking of laws. Lawlessness is called anarchy. Legal immigration is great. It is what has made our country great. Illegal immigration leads to chaos. Not knowing who is in ones own country is chaos.

    1. There is a massive amount of fear and hatred towards foreigners in this country at this time. This administration is also doing what it can to curb legal immigration, see the entire debate around "chain migration" - which used to be called family reunification. Legal migrants following the law and being good residents of this country should be allowed to bring over spouses, parents, children, and other family. The huge push to curb this goes against everything that allowed most of our ancestors to move here. We are all immigrants in some form and the laws have changed a lot since this country was founded, often for racist and xenophobic reasons.

      To say anything else is disingenuous.

    2. there is a legal process to enter the USA

      The problem is that that process is broken. In other words: the laws describing the process are describing a situation that does not exist. Congress has know this for a few decades, yet refused to fix the problem. As a consequence, a lot of people are facing impossible legal situations. It is pertinently unfair to blame these people for the situation they are in because they did not write the laws, nor had any say in the lack of adaptation of the laws. Part of the responsibility of the current situation is on Congress, yet many politicians want to put all the responsibility on undocumented immigrants.

      [I'm forgoing the discussion here on why the term 'illegal immegrant' is a misnomer - you can google that yourself. I'm also foregoing explanations on the fact that most undocumented people entered the US perfectly legally and are European or Asian, not Latinos - again, google it yourself]

      Americans like to complain about the complexity of their tax system. You have no idea how simple your tax system is compared to your immigration system. Really. For giggles, imagine you're a bonafide agricultural employee of a country of your choosing and try to figure out how to get a proper visa in the USA. https://www.uscis.gov/ Good luck.

      The xenophobia is more than demonstrated by the language used by the administration, as well as the fact that they're actively increasing the number of undocumented people by revoking the paperwork of refugees that have been here for decades.

      Meanwhile, farmers can't get their produce harvested anymore, nor can the IT branch find enough smart programmers because the paperwork for legal immigration is made more complicated as well as slow-walked by extreme vetting. This is costing Americans good food and cold hard profits.

    3. there is a legal process to enter the USA

      The problem is that that process is broken.


      It is easy to say that there is a process, but is that true is the process so obviously not working?

      20 million people entered/stayed into the USA bypassing that process. Sure, another few million did stick within the process. But 20 million people is roughly equal to the population of Texas, Florida or New York. All those people showed up somehow and are here now.

      How can you need more proof do you need that the existing process isn't working?

      And why do so many blame those people trying to get a better life, instead of members of Congress (and their voters, i.e. themselves) who have not updated the process.

      Oh, I know. Xenophobia.

  2. There is plenty of fear and hatred towards foreigners which is evidenced by the political fervor around the subject. This is why people like Trump refer to them as rapists and murderers instead of people. Talking about them in terms of families desperate to improve their lives doesn't win votes. Why isn't this candidate talking about filling busses with the farmers and slaughterhouse owners who employ these people? It's got nothing to do with simply enforcing immigration law.

  3. I think all this is the fault of the Russians. They hacked the system that lost the office for me.

  4. What ever happened to the Statue of Liberty--welcoming "huddled masses" and "wretched refuse" to this land of immigrants. Oh, that's right. Only white Europeans are welcome...


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