27 May 2018

About the "close door" button in elevators

The one in the photograph here fell off, revealing that there was no connection to an electrical circuit behind it.  Hmmmm....

Image trimmed for size from the original here.


  1. I think this is called a "placebo button." Apparently a lot of walk buttons at street crossings are also nonfunctional.

  2. Also reminds me of the "employee thermostat" on the walls of some offices, that is not connected to the heating/cooling system.


  3. I asked a friend of mine who works on elevators if there was any way to know if they work and he said that most likely they don't, and if they don't light up when you press them, they almost certainly don't. One of the reasons for this is that most new elevators are much smarter than we know. It's usually waiting a little longer because it knows that this floor at this time of day often has more people to board. If we demand that door close sooner we impact efficiency.

  4. i always have a hard time figuring out which button in the 'close door' (or 'open door', for that matter) button. either button pictograph can be interpreted as closing (or opening) the door.


  5. Every elevator has it's ups and downs.


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