24 March 2018

Divertimento #149

Another "gif-fest," sorted into categories for those with limited time or interests


Cow-scratcher is satisfying to watch

Moose in a house

This squirrel barely escaped death

Crow and kitten are buddies (excerpted from this longer documentary video)

Do you have any extra fish?

Baby chicks will go into a "hand house"

Dog shares his biscuit with a friend

Officer tolerates a woodpecker

Woman rescues an icebound moose

Lion vs. giraffe (giraffe wins)

"Please let me in"

Will he or won't he?  Of course...

Cows interact with a remote-controlled toy car

Mother eagle on her nest in a snowstorm


Neoboletus luridiformis mushroom tissue oxidizes to the color blue.  Immediately.

An underwater air ring is a dynamic environment, as this jellyfish discovered.

A swimming feather star

Fossilised ammonites.  Nice!

Red-eyed tree frog shows his nictitating membrane


A "cadogan form" teapot is basically a puzzle pot.  Obvious explanation here.

Boston Dynamics robot has an unusual skill.

Puri (Indian bread), or a "bubble pancake"

Bicycling kites

"Indoor Rainbow" is an art installation

Cutting a deck of cards (with a hydraulic press)

Wheel from a race car rejoins its family

Colliding apples

A "stick bomb" made with popsicle sticks.

Andre the Giant had big hands.

Foot juggling (Ed Sullivan show, 1969)

How a fashion photographer created a special effect


Stacking building blocks

Delighted with his success

Daughter surprises her father by changing her last name (cheerful)


Creating a 3-D perspective

Schoolteacher of the future getting dressed for work

The famous "Bigfoot video" stabilized.

Removing a popcorn ceiling.

Take a video while I stand in this oceanside blowhole ["fail" gif]

He's not a Darwin Award candidate only because he didn't die ["fail" gif]

Petals in the wind

When you're bored in the store

Exchange programs like this do exist and are very useful

A table for people who are serious about Mahjong

Tilly gets her new bionic hands

For basketball fans


Two drunks meet in a doorway

Guitarist breaks a string

How many licks are there in a lollipop?

Sudden stop

The embedded photos are of miniature staircases, crafted by master woodworkers in the 18th and 19th century, via Atlas Obscura, where their history is explained.


  1. Thanks for another great Divertimento! I'm so glad Tilly got her new hands!

  2. I love the crow and cat video!

  3. Damn you, I got sucked into that popcorn ceiling thread and wasted an hour. LoL

  4. You've linked to "delighted with his success" before. It is unforgettable.

    Some others that I like: "cow-scratcher", "moose in a house", "do you have any extra fish?", "Cows interact with a remote-controlled toy car", "bubble pancake", "bicycling kites", "cutting a deck of cards", "colliding apples" (I imagine them as planets), and "petals in the wind".


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