09 April 2016

Bad shot

An article about influenza vaccination this past week in The Telegraph carried this image - presumably standard stock material - of a patient receiving an injection from a nurse:

The mismatched flu-jab left many elderly people exposed to the deadly A(H3N2) strain Credit: Alamy /Alamy
The nurse/model's finger positions indicate that this is an injection, not a phlebotomy, but the needle's position in the antecubital fossa is the location for drawing blood from a large vein.  Vaccine and medication injections are typically injected into major muscle groups like the deltoid.

To anyone with a medical background (or a modicum of experience with medical care) this image should be totally cringeworthy.


  1. Definitely cringe-worthy!

    I have never seen someone mainlining insulin!!!
    {tongue firmly planted in cheek

  2. Speaking of cringe-worthy...
    Have you seen stock photos of soldering?

  3. It's definitely not just soldering and injecting :)
    This, and the comments :)

  4. Pedants keep the world from dissolving.
    Keep it up.

  5. Even more cringe-worthy-there does not appear to be a needle attached to the syringe. At least that explains why the "nurse" didn't bother to wear gloves.

    In fact it looks suspiciously like a syringe full of the pink liquid oral antibiotic I recently gave to my cat.

  6. Skimping on elementary research. Thing is, people DO rely on this sort of image to get their medical information. Just pay a poor nursing student to do it realistically, they could use the cash.

  7. I laugh at 'homeowner painting' photographs. Anyone who has ever painted anything can spot all the faked things in the picture.

    Rule of thumb: Don't fake, when you can.

  8. If you look at a much higher resolution version of this image, you can clearly see there is no needle in the syringe, so there is no reason cringe. Here is a much larger image: http://imsclinic.com/tyfoon/site/fckeditor/about.jpg


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