27 March 2016

Dogs as food

The Munchies column at Vice reports on the increasing consumption of dog meat in Cambodia:
Until recently, eating dog had never been a big thing in Cambodia in the way that it is in other East Asian countries like Vietnam, China and Korea. Now, however, more and more Cambodians appear to crave this controversial meat...

"It’s become very popular, especially here in Phnom Penh" says Pheakadey, who owns one of the alley’s dog joints. ”It’s very delicious, and it also has some medicinal qualities. It’s good for the man’s virility.”
One can't help but notice the similarity with the use of rhino or tiger derivatives for "virility."
Along with the Cambodian appetite for dogs, a black market of stolen pets and street dogs has emerged.  "We buy some of our dogs from the dog thieves” Pheakadey admits. ”Every day we have people bring us stolen dogs.”
Trigger warning: if you love dogs, don't go to the source article to read about how the dogs are captured and killed.


  1. "...also has some medicinal qualities. It’s good for the man’s virility."

    Bull. Fucking. Shit.

    It's exactly beliefs like this that allow animal cruelty to continue. I wish I could meet this man in person and explain some facts to him.

    1. Please tell me you are a vegetarian.

    2. Yes. All you have to do is say something is good for a man's virility, and people will kill the animals to extinction--rhino horns and tiger gallbladders are cases in point.

  2. > don't go to the source article to read about

    thank goodness you did not provide a link to that!


  3. Hank Merman sez: "Please tell me you are a vegetarian."

    I'm sorry -- do I need to be a vegetarian to be mad as hell about rhinos, elephants and tigers being killed for 'medicinal' purposes?

    Or are only vegetarians pure enough to have compassion for animals?

  4. Stray dogs are a nuisance in most of the tropical world. They spread disease, hurt people, and cause accidents. They're disgusting and mangy, not very appetizing, but perhaps no more so than pigs. Eating them is on the same moral level as eating invasive lionfish in the Caribbean: environmentally sustainable protein which, alive, has negative value.

  5. Eating anything that is capable of shaking hands with you is against everything the god that doesn't exist is about.
    I hereby state that I will not buy any product that has anything to do with Cambodia.
    For your information for the same reason I stopped buying Chinese goods 6 years ago.
    And. that. was. not. easy.
    But .... dogs !

    1. There are some other countries you need to add to your shit list, including Switzerland -



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