02 October 2015

WTF, CNN ???

Forget the zero.  Remember the hero:

 Chris Mintz, 30-year old student, took five bullets while charging the gunman.  He is recovering.

Photo via imgur.


  1. i thought the whole sheriff's commentary was slightly strange - you only have a portion here, but it gets the gist of what he wants to do - like he's bringing back shunning from puritan days?

    what's next - make them sew on a scarlet MM?


  2. I shouted the same thing at my local news. I have zero interest in knowing who did it. It was done by a terribly defective person for reasons that don't matter. Just as all mass shootings are.
    Thank you for emphasizing the newsworthy part of this tragedy...

  3. There are a lot of things this sheriff would like us all to toss down the memory hole, particularly his letter to Joe Biden accusing him of exploiting the Sandy Hook school shootings in order to promote legislation that might interfere with his sacred Second Amendment rights. Well, you got your wish, Sheriff. This latest shooter didn't appear to have any trouble at all in amassing his deadly arsenal. I hope the name of Chris Harper Mercer haunts you to your dying day.

  4. I for one agree that if we didn't make these human pieces of trash into celebrities we probably wouldn't have so many of them. Also to the above person, if guns were outlawed entirely people would make bombs to become famous and kill themselves, if we outlawed everything you could make a bomb out of (impossible) then people would go on killing sprees with swords or booby traps. The fact of the matter is, if you want to go out in a blaze of glory due to some kind of mental defect... it's not hard to do with any kind of weapon. The problem isn't the weapons it's the glorification, it's the culture saying people aren't worth anything and it's the lack of proper help for the mentally ill. Even if all of those get better, this will still happen, just not as much.

  5. One word: Australia

  6. I am especially struck by the mendacity of the claim , "No mass shootings in the last 30 years have been stopped by an armed civilian " , when in order to be called a "mass shooting" , 4 or more must die .

    It would seem to me , that the only way for one to stop a "mass shooting" is to hang back and wait for four head shots , and only then proceed . If the point( per the OP) is to prevent a herostratic victory by said perp , then by all means , plug him immediately .

    1. I don't understand where you find mendacity. There have been several hundred mass shootings this year. All of them were stopped by military or police or suicide. Have any been stopped by an armed civilian?

    2. Unless those civilians managed to stop the shooters by jumping back in time and shooting them before they had a chance to shoot anyone else. But the liberal media never covers that sort of thing.

    3. You totally don't get the point. I'm stopping the thread.

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