23 October 2015

TYWKIWDBI has a new search gadget

It's embedded in the right sidebar below the translator and above my profile.

This replaces the Lijit search box that was available when I first set up the blog about a hundred years ago.  It had become outmoded and of modest value, and frankly I had reverted to searching my own blog by typing TYWKIWDBI and the search term into Google (one of the advantages of having an odd name).

This morning the "sovrn Publisher Support Team" notified users that the Lijit search was being "laid to rest."  At their suggestion I have inserted in its place a Google Custom Search, which performs a basic Google search, displaying results you can sort by relevance or date.  I suppose it might sneak in some ads, but TYWKIWDBI itself will remain ad-free.

There are now over 13,000 posts on TYWKIWDBI, so I think an improved search engine should be quite useful/entertaining.  Try searching something on this blog, and let me know what you think of the usefulness, capabilities, or limitations of the tool.


  1. To add some information that others may find useful; you can do site specific searches in Google as well.

    For instance, enter the following in the Google search box

    site:tywkiwdbi.blogspot.com potato

    The top links listed will all be entries from TYWKIWDBI where the word potato appears.
    (Now that Stan has installed an improved search tool you may not need to use this.)

    But there's an even better use for this method in Google. Go to Google's image search and drop the word 'potato' from the search term like so:


    and you'll be presented with every image file found at that URL. With the word 'potato' included it actually places some relative images right at the top of the list.

  2. TYWKIWDBI is a blogspot blog, as is mine, and the search gadget blogger provides works well for me. It searches only mentions on my blog. I just tried searching "CCC" above and got mostly TYWKIWDBI results, but not exclusively. Seems of little use to get results that aren't from here...?

    1. H Marlys - when I tried repeating your test, entering CCC into "Search TYWKIWDI" generated 10 pages of hits, but all of them were from this blog. Not sure why your mileage varied.


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