16 August 2015

Use peanut butter to save a dog caught in a glue trap

Glue board traps are trays coated with an extremely sticky adhesive. They are often used for rat traps. Any animal that touches one of these traps is immediately caught and immobilised, and physically stuck to the board...
When the EAMTs arrived, Abby had already succumbed to exhaustion and was collapsed face down in the glue and was struggling to breathe, with glue lodged in her nasal passage and eyes...

Knowing that simply peeling the trap off of the small dog's face would cause severe pain and could even rip out her fur and/or skin in the process, Gallo tried a more humane and creative approach. He lathered the little dog’s face with peanut butter and the peanut oil loosened the glue's grip.  
More details here, via the incomparable Nothing to do with Arbroath.


  1. oddly enough, some of those glue traps are scented - with peanut smell!


  2. Never heard of such glue traps. They appear to be a "humane" approach to catching pests (no poison) but they also have serious consequences, maybe even more horrific?

    Peanut butter also works wonders getting gum out of hair!

    1. peanut butter is also great for getting those glued on labels / stickers off of things. it takes a few days for the fat in the peanut butter to saturate the paper and glue, but then you can just wipe off the label / sticker.


  3. > Never heard of such glue traps.

    visit the 'poisons' section of your hardware store.



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