06 August 2015

Trophy hunter rids the world of a dangerous giraffe

“Everybody thinks we’re cold-hearted killers and it’s not that,” Corgatelli said in the nationally televised interview. “There is a connection to the animal and just because we hunt them doesn’t mean we don’t have a respect for them.

Giraffes are very dangerous animals. They could hurt you seriously, very quickly.”
Text from The Guardian.  Photo from Sabrina Corgatelli's Facebook page,


  1. Food for thought. I still don't think that the Walt Palmer (in particular) is a good person for the methods and tactics (if that applies to the situation) of his particular kill, but, there's always another side to consider.

  2. Trophy hunting is for people so insecure that the only way they can find self-esteem is by spending thousands upon tens of thousands of dollars to hire a bunch of unscrupulous "guides" to help them kill animals who have done them no harm and will not serve as food. I would say they just need Viagra, but it seems to have spread to women.

  3. Saying (as that gismodo article does) that Walt Parmer has done more for conservation that other people would be like letting the owner of a large corporation hunt children because of all the jobs he provided.

  4. Let them all go for the ultimate thrill -- set all the trophy hunters loose on an island, armed of course, and let them hunt each other. And, yes, they can put the head on display if they want to do so afterwards. I think that hunting nowadays, unless you and your family are starving and intend to eat your kill, is a barbaric tradition. However, since most of the major predators in the U.S. have already been exterminated, there are now too many deer in many parts of our nation (we destroyed the natural food chain) and regulated hunting of those deer should be allowed in the interest of public safety. I understand that there are many areas in north-eastern America where vehicle-deer accidents are very common and life-threatening to humans, as well as the number of chance human-deer encounters that do not end well...

    1. Nebraska would be another example of a large deer population with almost no predators.

      Due to the huge increase of trees in the state since the 1900s, the carrying capacity of deer has been greatly increased. The only predators for the deer are the rare mountain lion, and man. The later indeed is a part of the natural food chain. Most of the guys who hunt here do it for the meat. The few trophy hunters I know donate the meat to local food pantries (or families who want meat via the deer exchange program).

  5. Ohh, just because they are "dangerous" and can hurt you, seriously? I have no words... For food, yes. If a creature is literally about to kill you or your children, I could understand that too. Not because you want a thrill.

  6. Real trophy hunters help with destructive animals which are out of control like the wild pigs in Texas. Seriously, hunters should go ham collecting trophies down there.

  7. Unfortunately "trophy" hunters want to kill the best and biggest specimens available, unlike natural selection which kills off the weak and old. Therefore the trophy hunters erode the viability of the remaining animals. Some of their money may support "conservation" efforts, but that is definitely not the intent of the hunters.

    On the other hand, the feral pigs are not a true native wild animal and are in no need of protection -- why doesn't Dr. Palmer go after those? In my opinion, the feral pigs are too dangerous for Dr. Palmer to risk hunting them. He seems to just want to walk up, take one shot and walk away....

  8. What an incredibly ugly creature. And to kill something so beautiful compounds her repulsiveness.


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