01 May 2014

How to win the "Google Game"

Some years ago it was popular to challenge people to a "Google Game" in which participants would type a sequence of words (without quotation marks) into Google trying to come up with the fewest hits. 

The surprising result is that combinations like kangaroo holocaust or incandescent duodenum still generate hits by the tens of thousands.  Yesterday while searching for a poem I discovered that thpring kythia generates just a single hit to my old post.

This will continue to be an unbeatable combination unless and until someone else uses the words while linking to my entry.


  1. The poetry and curse of the Googlewhack is that as soon as you mention one, it ceases to be.

    1. D'oh. That should've been this link.

    2. Oops!! You're right. I just shot myself in the foot. Didn't think of that when I was writing the post. Darn...

  2. Is there a word for a self-nullifying statement?

  3. Once you become tired of this try finding "googlewhackblatts".


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