20 September 2012

Islamist militias destroying cultural treasures in Timbuktu

These actions, by the Ansar Eddine, are a form of cultural genocide and can only be viewed by the enlightened world as the behavior of human scum.
[The region] is being plunged back in time. At its core is Timbuktu, an ancient city that’s bearing the brunt of grinding social devastation. Intent on achieving its own form of Year Zero, the militia announced that it will enforce the stoning of adulterers, as well as the punitive mutilation of thieves and the veiling of all women. And that’s just the start. The city’s historic monuments and shrines are being leveled, its cultural heritage being ripped to pieces, all this as the traumatized population flees. There’s not enough in the way of food, water, or basic medicine, and most vestiges of modern society are being targeted. Soccer, recorded popular music, television, and even videogames have been on the militia’s hit list, too. Men and women who are unmarried or unrelated are forbidden to walk down a street together or even to sit beside each other on a bus.
Via The Dish.


  1. Destruction of cultural heritage? Human scum? I wouldn't be so quick to judge, given our own enthusiasm in the Western world for essentially the same thing. Except we call it 'urban renewal'.

    Next time you wonder why your town doesn't do more about graffiti, scandalous public art, or a building that you think is old or ugly or tacky... Think about those noble guys in the pickups, cleaning up THEIR neighborhood.

    1. Leveling ancient graves, monuments, and temples that are recognized by UNESCO World Heritage List is a little different than painting over some gang banger's tag. Most graffiti is defacement of public or private property, and that is why it is and should be covered up. Besides that, a lot of major cities now have designated areas for the "street artists" to practice and display their art.

      This is just as bad as the destruction of the Buddha statue in Afghanistan by Islamic Al Qaeda. Hopefully they will succeed in their wish and go back in time -- to a point in time before they had opposable thumbs. Hopefully that happens soon, as I have heard ancient monuments in Egypt are also in their crosshairs.

  2. "Human Scum" indeed! Pure garbage...


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